About Us

Since 2007, Rising Star has connected driven Nepali youth with meaningful overseas opportunities. It grew from a desire to address Nepal’s lack of jobs for young people, negatively impacting on society. Now, its vision is to assist every capable and motivated Nepali on a pathway to personal success.

In over 10 years, Rising Star has sent many hundreds of young Nepalis as migrant workers to the Middle East and North Africa region. Throughout this, we have chosen to work only with trusted partners, to ensure the safety and well-being of each worker. Linking with long-established collaborators such as Dubai-based conglomerate, ETA Star Group, we began to understand the depth of skill in Nepal for healthcare professionals.

Across Nepal, we found countless healthcare professionals hungry to grow their skills and further their careers, especially with an interest and desire to live and work overseas. Coupled with the external demand from communities around the world, we were inspired to establish Rising Star Coaching to help bridge the gap.

To bridge this gap, we were looking for the right partners again where both sides could benefit. In the course of this search, we came across reliable partners in USA who upon our evaluation, have proven very helpful in finding placements for our nurses.


We understand that embarking on a journey to live and work abroad is one of the biggest steps a young person can take. Because of this, we strive to be a transparent organisation, committed to good and open communication, so each student can feel comfortable and secure in their dealings with us.


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